Steps for getting Aadhaar card

If you are trying to get your Aadhaar card, then you need to follow certain instructions. There are basically five steps for getting the card and they are listed below:
1: First of all you need to enter the enrollment umber which is given on the top left side of your slip below the Asoka emblem of the government of India. An example of how that will look is: 1053/61244/05470. You are supposed to copy down the number is in three parts, each of which is separated by a slash (/), but do not use it if you are doing it online.
2: Then you are supposed to mention the date which is given at the top right side below the Aadhaar emblem.
3: Then you are supposed to enter your name which should be done in English as in your acknowledgement.
4: Then you need to enter the PIN Code as per your address in the acknowledgement slip.
5: Then at last you need to provide your mobile number but keep I mind that the number you proide should be active as a SMS will be sent to you to this mobile providing a temporary password number which is necessary as you have to enter it for confirmation so as to get the link for downloading your Aadhaar.

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